Centre aquatique familial Aquadôme

Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme)


As of March 12, 2018, we will begin the use of a new registration platform namely; SPORT PLUS.

More user-friendly and easy to use, SPORT-PLUS will be the only online way to choose and sign up for the activities of the MICHEL-LEDUC aquatic complex.

We invite you to create your account on the platform now by following the link below;           https://www.sport-plus-online.com/prmsmvc/?Virid=1380&ArrId=1515

Once on the platform :

Go to the section (Se connecter) and then (Créer mon dossier) and follow the steps ...

If you have any questions, please call customer service at 514-367-6460

Important information

Current session: WINTER 2018: January 12 to March 18, 2018

Next session: SPRING 2018: April 02 to June 03, 2018  (registrations: residents March 12-18, for all March 19-25)

NOTE: Activities will be canceled:                                                             - February 9th - 10th and 11th due to a competition.                     - March 3rd to 9th due to Spring Break.                                               - April 27-28th and 29th due to a competition.

"We are currently in a period of adjustment of the equipment of the Aquadôme which can cause some discomfort in the pool at the level of temperature and other factors of acclimatization.Thanks for your understanding. "

If you wish to receive assistance, every day from 9 am to 7 pm, call 514-367-6460


Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme) offers the community of LaSalle and surrounding areas the opportunity to benefit from the wonderful facilities under its roof: a 50-metre swimming pool divided into two 25-metre basins, a leisure pool with water jets, slides for young and old and a hot tub area.

The complex offers a wide range of different programs for fun, stimulating activities, chosen to meet the needs and desires of all age groups.

So we’re inviting you to come and get moving, and take advantage of these great facilities, safe in the knowledge that our staff members are qualified, competent and ready to share their passion to offer all participants the unique experience that distinguishes this complex.


online: starting at 8 am
on site: between 9 am and 3:30 pm

LaSalle Residents:

From December 4th to 10th
For all:
From December 11th to January 7th

From January 12 to March 18th