Centre aquatique familial Aquadôme

General Information


In January 2014, management at Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme) hired Sodem inc., a major management and consultation firm that has worked in the leisure, culture and tourism fields for 30 years, for a clientele as diverse as municipalities, agencies, private organizations, businesses and educational institutions.  The very large number of management contracts the firm has successfully completed bears witness to the quality of the partnerships that Sodem has developed over the years with its various clients and the wide range of experience that it has gained.  In carrying out its mandates, Sodem has developed coordination mechanisms that allow it to properly meet the expectations and needs of its partner organizations as well as those of their users.

We are therefore delighted to join forces with this experienced management team to offer you quality services at the highest possible level with exceptional sports experience.

Dates to Remember



online only : starting at 8 am

Residents of LaSalle:


For all

SEPTEMBER 14th TO 16th


From September 21st to November 15th



Fees and


To see the fee for each of the activities offered at Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme), please consult the "Registration" tab at the top of this page. Please note that all our fees include taxes. Fees for open swims, rentals, private lessons, children’s birthday parties and group visits are shown in their respective sections.

Payment Methods
Online: Visa or MasterCard credit card
In person: debit card, Visa or MasterCard credit card, cash


Upon presentation of the Accès-services LaSalle card, holders benefit from a discount on the regular fee for any activity.
To get it, just go to the L'Octogone library (1080 Dollars Ave.) with: photo ID and proof of recent residency The card is free for all residents City of Montreal and its duration is two years.For more details, please visit: Bibliothéque.montreal.ca / Lasalle

1080, Dollard Avenue
LaSalle (Québec)  H8N 2T9

Monday to Thursday: 10 am to 8:30 pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 4:30 pm
Opens at noon on Saturdays and Sundays in the summer

Information about the Accès-services LaSalle card: 514 367-6398

Sports Equipment for Sale

Below is a list of items of sports equipment that are for sale at the Complexe. For more details, please come to the reception counter or call 514 367-6460.

  • Swimsuits (women's, men's, children's)
  • Swim caps
  • Back floats
  • Hippo swim belts
  • Flotation swimsuits
  • Pull buoys
  • Swim goggles (women's, men's, children's)
  • Hand flippers
  • Sandals and swim shoes
  • Headbands
  • Etc.



Physical Activity Readiness

Before undertaking repeated physical activity sessions, everyone should make sure that their physical condition and general health allow them to do so.

The PAR-Q+ (Questionnaire for physical activity readiness) is a tool to help people to determine whether they should have a medical check-up before starting a regular physical activity program. We suggest that you complete this questionnaire and give it to your instructor at your first class. The link below will take you directly to this questionnaire.
Questionnaire for physical activity readiness.pdf

Cancellations, Refunds and Other Policies

Course or Activity Cancellation

  • Registration for an activity will be cancelled in the following cases:
    -  the address provided is invalid
    -  the participant's date of birth is incorrect
    -  the registration period was not respected

  • Payments for activities that are cancelled, or activities for which the schedule has been changed (day, hour, etc.), by Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme) prior to the start of the session, will be refunded. If the activities are cancelled, or the schedule changes, after the start of the session, a refund will be calculated pro rata to the number of courses undelivered, whether or not the client has participated in any courses.
  • Activities cancelled due to a force majeure (power outage, incidence of fecal or vomit contamination, snowstorm, equipment failure, etc.) will not be refunded or postponed.
  • Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme) reserves the right to cancel an activity due to an insufficient number of registrations.

Refund Requests (for swimming lessons and physical conditioning)

To request a refund, the form "Formulaire de résiliation" must be used. Please click the link below to download it: Formulaire de résiliation

Requests for reimbursement must be made before the start of the first class in order to receive a full refund except for administrative fees (10% of the course price).

Requests for reimbursement made after the first course will be prorated to the number of courses remaining at the date of the application, with the exception of administrative costs (10% of the course price).

Requests for reimbursement must be made in writing, signed and delivered in person or by mail at the reception of the Michel-Leduc Aquatic Complex (Aquadôme), 1411, Lapierre Street, LaSalle H8N 2J4. Download the Termination Form by clicking on the link above.


Refund Request  (for all rescue formations and red cross)

Application made less than one week from the date of the beginning of the training or after the beginning of the training following an abridgement: Only the certification fees are refundable.

Application made one week or more from the start date of the training: full refund, except for administrative costs. (10% of the price of the training)

Transfer Request

  • A request for an activity transfer must be made in person, at the reception desk at Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme), 1411, rue Lapierre, LaSalle.
  • An administration fee of $10 per activity will be charged for each request for an activity transfer.
  • Courses are not transferable from one individual to another.

Request for a Chargeback (transaction cancellation)

Please be aware that transactions related to registrations will appear on your credit card statement under the following name: SODEM INC. Should you need to get in touch with the institution that issued your credit card to confirm that you did not instigate such a transaction, you will be making what is known as a request for a chargeback (or a transaction cancellation), which involves considerable administrative work. A $30 fee will therefore apply for any unfounded dispute.

Items purchased at the Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme)

Refunds will not be given for any items purchased at the Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme) (balls, goggles, course manuals, etc.).

Insurance and notice of non-responsibility

When you participate in an activity, the Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme), Sodem Inc. and the Borough of LaSalle cannot be held responsible for any incidents, accidents or thefts that may occur, except in cases where there has been serious misconduct or negligence on the part of one or more of these parties or their employees.

Schedules and Fees

Activity schedules and fees may be modified without prior notice. All fees are in Canadian dollars, and include taxes where applicable.


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