Centre aquatique familial Aquadôme

Rental, Private Lessons, Parties and Group Visits

For further information about renting the pool, private lessons and
organizing children's parties or group visits, please ask at the reception desk at
Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme) or call 514 367-6460

You can also write to us! Please see the "Contact" section.


Rent the pool for a school or other group, or for a family or business event! Contact us for availability. In some cases it may be possible to rent the slides and/or trampolines too, but never during children's parties. (For more details, see Children's parties section below)

of LaSalle
of LaSalle
$50/hour $75/hour

An amount of $25/hour must be added for each lifeguard. Complexe aquatique Management will determine the number of lifeguards needed.

Please note that to ensure water quality, long hair must be tied back. Also note that your swimsuit must be made of close-fitting, synthetic fabric (Lycra, polyester, etc.); the wearing of over-garments is not allowed, except for burkinis and rashguards.

Affordable lessons for everyone! Whether it's to work on a specific aspect or for a test, our instructors can offer you personalized and effective training.

Children Adults
90 $
(8 x 30-minute lessons)
150 $
(8 x 1-hour lessons)

Private lessons are available in sets of 8 lessons. The content is the same as that in the group lessons. However, specific arrangements for content may be made.

CHILDREN'S PARTIES (during leisure swim periods)
Celebrate your child's birthday in an original way by offering him or her a swim with friends! When the pool activity is over, we will provide a room where you can all meet to continue the party.
(Please note that slides and trampolines cannot be reserved during children's parties)

Room rental

Duration With the
Accès-services card
Without the
Accès-services card
1.75 hr $40 $54

A deposit of $50 is required to book the room.

Entrance fees for the leisure swims

Groups of up to 14 children
Regular price, as shown in the table that appears in the "Leisure swims" section, on the left of the screen.

Groups of 15 or more children
Reduced price, as shown in the tables below.

Residents of LaSalle

0-3 years free
4-16 years $1.50
17-54 years $2.50
55-64 years $1.50
65 years and over free

Non-residents of LaSalle

0-3 years $1.50
4-16 years $2.50
17-54 years $3.50
55 years and over $2.50


GROUP VISITS (during leisure swim periods)
If you wish to organize a group visit during a leisure swim period, you will first need to book by phoning the reception desk at the Aquadôme between 9 am and 12 noon, and between 1 pm and 4 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Group visits can be booked on the following days:
- Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, between 9 am and 4 pm (no bookings on Tuesdays)
- Thursdays, between 10:30 am and 4 pm

An area with room for 60 people is available for picnics.

Children/accompanying adult ratio
5 years: 1 accompanying adult/6 children
6 years and +: 1 accompanying adult/15 children

N.B: (The ratios can change according to the type of clientele and their autonomy in the water (to know how to swim).

Fees (organizations, schools, care services, day camps)

Residents of LaSalle

4-16 years $1.50
17-54 years $2.50

Non-residents of LaSalle

0-3 years $1.50
4-16 years $2.50
17-54 years $3.50